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Premium Meats

Whether you choose a naturally raised local Ontario New York striploin steak or pork chop, you can be confident in great results. It takes time and effort to produce a consistently great tasting product. That effort has been made by all of our Ontario farmers in the production of our meats and we are sure that you will appreciate the results.


Our farmers are committed to quality and sound farming practices.  Our free range chickens are not fed hormones, steroids or antibiotics, and cages are not permitted.  Pigs are fed a balanced diet and no hormones are used in any hog production. The vast majority of our fish is caught in the wild.

Do it the healthy way, the old-fashioned way – do it the Farmway.

"We have been with this company for 7 years now. The meat (no hormones & from local farmers) is all packaged in convenient sizes so that we only use exactly what we need. The kids LOVE the bacon and we LOVE the chicken."

Lee Creary, Cayuga, ON

"After the first year with this company we could no longer go back to grocery store meats because we had gotten used to the high quality of meats offered by Farmway Foods"

Melanie and Jonathan Sherbino, Ancaster

We source our naturally raised beef, pork and chicken from over 500 family-run farms across Ontario.

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